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The complete Metatrader trade panel

We are traders too, like you

FXSeal Trading Panel is the complete one-click solution for Metatrader 4 and 5, designed by traders to help you to control your trading.

Create order managing strategies: with FXSeal Trading Panel you can preset orders to execute them in the right moment, or easily create grids of pending orders.

It also allows you to control your risk in individual orders, and by setting profit goals, both global or per instrument.

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One click trading
Preset the parameters of your order and pay all your attention on the moment that the trade must be done.

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The power of grids
Do you use a grid strategy? You'll love FXSeal Trading Panel. Create grids of pending orders with one click and take advantage of the grid strategies power.

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Reach your target
Set your goals and close your orders automatically when you reach it. Or manage the orders individually.

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Save time and effort
Control up to 6 instruments from a single EA instance. The panel works with both Metatrader 4 and 5, making transition easier.

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FXSeal Panel is an indispensable tool for my daily trading.

Peter Vernon California, USA